What is ReplicaPet.com ?

We transform your pet in a custom plush and more !

How big will a standard ReplicaPet Plush ?

Between 14 and 17 cm, it varies according to the animal

What are the stuffed pet made off ?

The stuffed animals are made 100% by hand, with felted wool, merino wool and plastic for the eyes

Will the stuffed animal look exactly like my pet ?

We do our very best to ensure that your stuffed animal captures the characteristics of your pet

What position will my stuffed pet be in ?

You will select the position and we try our best to do that. If for some reason we can’t reproduce the custom position, we will contact you for an another position

Where are the plushies made ?

Plushies like all items on our shop are handcrafted in different countries in Europe and only in Europe !

What types of animals can you turn into stuffed animals ?

We accept dogs, cats and rabbits for the moment

How long does it tale for a custom plush order to be completed ?

Between 1 and 2 months. It depends on the number of orders at the same time. We must not forget that each plush is unique and handcrafted without a machine. That takes time !

How to order my stuffed pet ?

During the order in our shop, you will be able to send images. Please send as many pictures as possible, in various positions, in order to have maximum data to make your stuffed pet

What payment methods are available ?

We accept Paypal. You can pay with a credit card on this platform. For Swiss customers only, the bank transfer is also available.

How can I check my current orders ?

By going to your account and under the heading "Order history and details"

Is there a bank charge by paying with the bank transfer ?

Normally not if you pay from a Swiss bank. Otherwise, the bank charges related to the payment are the responsibility of the buyer.

Can I get a refund?

If the product is not being created, an order can be canceled by contacting our support at: info@replicapet.com. If an order is already being created, it is impossible to cancel the order and no refund will be made

Can I return my order ?

In general, it is not possible to return an order because it has been personally designed for you. In case of special request, please contact us on info@replicapet.com

Are animal or couples portraits sent by post ?

No. You will receive the drawings only in digital format, by e-mail. You can then print them as you like !

Are soft toys from our children's drawings dangerous ?

No. The materials used are safe for children !

Are gift cards refundable ?

No, neither taken back nor exchanged in cash

How to use his gift card?

In the basket, click on "have a promo code?" and insert your code

Can gift cards be used multiple times ?

In case you bought a gift card only for the item "Custom Plush", no. However for the other cards, they are usable until the purchased amount is used up

Where do you ship ?

In the entire Europe !

What is the amount of deliveries ?

It's free !

What is the delivery time of my order ?

It depends on supply and demand. Regarding animals or drawings made of plush, this can vary between 4 weeks and 8 weeks, see more in case of high demands. We must not forget that each piece is handmade and takes a lot of time. Regarding other items, it does not take more than 1 month as a rule. An order can not be canceled in case you find that it is too long.