Faqs By Ordering

What payment methods are available ?

We accept Paypal. You can pay with a credit card on this platform. For Swiss customers only, the bank transfer is also available.

How can I check my current orders ?

By going to your account and under the heading "Order history and details"

Is there a bank charge by paying with the bank transfer ?

Normally not if you pay from a Swiss bank. Otherwise, the bank charges related to the payment are the responsibility of the buyer.

Can I get a refund?

If the product is not being created, an order can be canceled by contacting our support at: info@replicapet.com. If an order is already being created, it is impossible to cancel the order and no refund will be made

Can I return my order ?

In general, it is not possible to return an order because it has been personally designed for you. In case of special request, please contact us on info@replicapet.com